Lost site found – December 2016

I have a love hate relationship with the town of my birth.  This is a great pity since the place is particularly picturesque.  Not quaint – but full of history – full of Georgian buildings.  Have you guessed the location yet?

OK its Georgian architecture is mostly fake – well the modern bits of the city are.  The original crescents and squares are mostly a honey coloured limestone.  But look at the modern shops – this modern stone seems to stay the same washed white colour.

I visited this city on Sunday 11 December 2016.  I got to the sleepy suburb – that now boasts one bookshop as well as a restaurant that attracts a good number of people.  Like most places there is a choice of second-hand shops.  Sainsbury’s is where Woolworths was.

The library was closed – but that was expected.  With an hourly train service I was out of there by half past one.

Ironically the reason I went there was to visit a family member – someone you would expect would be pleased to see me.  But the damn door-bell did not work – and I could not raise a soul.  Two hours later I was conveying what a waste of time my journey was.

But is was a good day for a train ride.  The light was good and the weather dry.  I got back home in time to go out for a second treat – a cake – something with enough chocolate in the make it worthwhile.

12th December 2016 – one month until my next birthday – Heather Anne





Tuesday – Glastonbury Tor

Tuesday this week was dry and sunny.  It was the best day for a walk this week.  So by bus from Bristol.  Firstly a walk around the Chalice Well Gardens; around the corner to the White Spring; along the quiet lane towards the steep ascent; windy on top; a more gentle path back into the town.  We deserved that lunch.  Next time I will take the “muddy path” up the tor.